Here is a helpful step by step outline of how to download the audio-book onto your Apple device like an iPhone or iPad.  This guide will also work for any other audio-books we sell. 

Important: Please understand that phone and tablet technology changes rapidly.  Because of this there may be some slight differences in the way you do things on your personal device. You can always search Google with phrases like, "How to download an mp3 on iPhone (version number)" to get more information.

There are lots of different ways to download files onto your iPhone.  We suggest you use the app "Documents 6" to easily download and organize your audio book. It is a free app that helps people open PDF files, play media and for this situation manage downloads.

Step 1 - Install the app "Documents 6" onto your iPhone. All instructions are available in the Apple store for this free app. 

After you have downloaded the app, click and open up your internet browser.

Step 2 - Visit our website and login.  You can log into your account by visiting this webpage:

Use your username which is your email address and the password we emailed you when you ordered.

Step 3After logging in, follow these steps:

1. Click on Expand Menu.

2. Click on the Your Products link.


Step 4 - Locate the product you purchased on the Your Products page and click on the "Listen to the Audio" button. 

Step 5 - You should get a screen like the one below.  You will need to click on Save to save the audio file to your phone.

Step 6 -  A screen will appear showing you the file is downloading. Once it is downloaded you should see it in your downloads folder.

Step 7 - The file is now saved under your downloads section.  It is available on your phone and can be used without any internet connection.