This article only matters to you if you purchased our Irresistible Insiders program before October 2016.

We're recently changed our Irresistible Insiders program. 

Our old legacy Irresistible Insiders program is no longer available for purchase; moving forward we will be offering our new and enhanced Irresistible Insider Program. If you previously purchased the legacy version we will honor all the features of the older program as long as you are a part of it. 

What changed?

We believe that the newer program will provide much better relationships training and be easier for everyone to use. In the legacy system customers were given three credits each month which they could use to buy mini-courses (1 credit per mini-course) and ask private advice questions (2 credits per question).

In the new program, you are given all the mini-courses upfront and granted access to an exclusive forum.  Within this forum, relationship coaches are working to answer your questions and provide you with personalized feedback.  There is NO LIMIT on the number of questions you can ask our coaches in the forum!  On top of our coaches the community can provide additional feedback as well.  

Our legacy membership only lasted eight months long, but our new Irresistible Insiders Program offers unlimited access with no end date. This will allow our customers the freedom to choose how long they want to be a part of this program.  The new program allows our coaches to continue providing support in the forum even after eight months.

The new Irresistible Insiders Program provides our members with more value by giving access to ALL of our Irresistible Insider Mini-Courses.  More importantly, it provides ongoing endless access to James and our professional coaches in the Irresistible Insider Forums.