Downloading an Irresistible Insiders Mini-Course is easy.  Follow the four easy steps below to download a PDF mini-course to your computer, tablet or phone.

1. Log into our Members Area.  You can do this by clicking the blue link at the top of our website. See yellow arrow in example below.

2. After you have logged in visit our list of Irresistible Insiders page by clicking "Irresistible Insiders" in the main menu.  You can also get there with the following URL:

3. Click on the mini-course you own, as if you are preparing to read it online.  It will be green and say "Read Now", if it does not say this you may not be logged in.

4. After you click the green button you will be taken to the mini-course. On the first page of the mini-course you will see a grey download box. See red arrow in the image below.

Click on the link "Download PDF Copy" and you will see a link to download the file to your computer, tablet or phone.