We have included some screenshots below to show you how to access the Endless Honeymoon bonuses.

Make sure you are logged into the members area. You can login here: https://beirresistible.com/members/login 

The images below are for showing you how to access the bonuses only

1. Locate your Endless Honeymoon product on the Your Products page in the members area. 

2.  Click on the green "View Product Bonuses" button (as shown below). 

3.  When you click on View Product Bonuses you will see other eBooks appear on the page (if they are included with the package you purchased).

Important! - Not everyone will have the same bonus eBooks that show up under Endless Honeymoon.  This will depend on the bonus package you picked.  Also, not everyone will have audio, this will also depend on the package.

If it only has a video then you will see a play button like in the example below.  Videos cannot be downloaded. 

If your order includes a video, you will have to watch the video online in our members area. Everything else can be downloaded.

Awakening Your Feminine Intuition - This e-Book does come with a PDF that can be downloaded and printed and it also does come with audio that can be downloaded.

1.  Click on the green access now button.

2.  Click on the green download the audio book button.

3.  For this e-book the audio files are separate.  You will see links for modules 1– 10.  You will want to right-click on each of the links and then choose save Link as or save target as. This will depend on the browser you are using in your computer.  Once you do this you will choose a place on your computer to save the file to.

If you do not have a PDF reader, you can download one for free here: https://get.adobe.com/reader/

If you have any problems or need any assistance please contact us, we are very happy to help!