**** As of 1/30/18 we are no longer accepting purchases for Private Advice Consultations. If you have not already purchased a private advice question, you can view our new service here. If you have already purchased a question, you can view your reply for up to six months. You also still get to use your follow up question if you have not already used it. The information below will show you how to access the question you paid for.****

You can access the Private Advice Area by clicking on Private Advice in the drop-down menu:

To ask a question -

Step One- Click on the Ask a Question button on the top left side (see image above).

Step Two- Then click on the large Ask a Question button:

Step Three- Click on the blue submit your question now button:

The last part is filling out the information form and your question then submit. 

It can take 1 - 2 business days for coaches to reply.

Reviewing Your Reply:

Step One- Click on the Personal Advice Consultation from the site drop down menu.

Step Two- Then click on the Review Your Inbox button. When the page loads, if you don't see the reply please refresh the page. Then the reply should be under your question.

You can also access the area to ask your question or view your reply here:  https://beirresistible.com/members/cs/pac/

Most browsers will have a reload or refresh button in the browser web address area. (see below)

This is very important to do.  If you do not refresh after submitting the question OR when viewing a reply it will not show you the new information.

Your question should then show. Once you get an email from a coach saying they replied you will visit this area again and refresh or reload the browser.

Then you will see your original question and their reply.

You must be logged in to do the above steps.