Note: This is for downloading the audio book to Apple devices. If you are trying to download to a PC or Android device click here.

Great question!

We offer two options for downloading this audio book.  

The first option is to download the entire audio book in one file and save it to your computer, tablet or smartphone.

The second option is to download the audio book in chapters to your computer, tablet or smartphone.

What are the Pros/Cons for each method?

Option 1 - Downloading the full audio book in one file. 

PRO - You can download the entire audio book with less steps and don't have to open multiple files to listen to the entire book.

CON - It will take longer to download the single file. We do recommend making sure you are connected to a WiFi and not just your cellular service. The reason for this is because it can take longer to download if you are not connected to WiFi.  Also, if you do not have a media player that saves where you left off, it can make it harder to resume listening to it at a specific chapter.

Option 2 - Downloading the audio book in chapters (multiple files).

PRO - You can download each file a lot faster since they are not as large as the single file. Also, if you do not have a media player that tracks where you left off, this makes it easier because you can go directly to the chapter file instead of trying to find it in the single (full) audio book file.

CON - You will have to open each chapter (file) as you are ready to listen to it.

For both options, you will need to be logged into the Be Irresistible Members Area.

You will also need this free app on your device called Documents by Readdle. You can download this from the Apple iTunes Store.

Step One - Download the free app Documents by Readdle if you do not already have it on your Apple device.

Once you have downloaded this app (or if you already have it) please go to the next step.

Step Two- Log into the Be Irresistible members area.

You can login here:

If you do not know your login, please contact support here.

After you are logged in please follow these steps:

Step Three- Access Relationship Rewrite Method from your course menu by either clicking on the drop down menu or the mobile menu.

Step Four-Click Listen to Audio

Step Five- Open Documents by Readdle and click on the icon in the lower right corner.

Step Six- Choose the file you want to download, single audio file or chapters. For chapters, you will have to click on each one and then chose the download arrow in the Documents by Readdle app.

Step Seven- Once it downloads you should see it in your download folder.

Step Eight - Click on the Downloads folder to open it. You should see the audio file in there.