Important: Please understand that phone and tablet technology changes rapidly. Because of this there may be some slight differences in the way you do things on your personal device.

You can always search Google with phrases like, "How to download an mp3 on iPhone (version number)" to get more information.

Please be sure to check out these solutions depending on the type of smartphone you have:

Android -

Apple Device -

If you still are unable to download the file or get an error, please see these possible solutions.

A few things could cause this:

1. Network error. If you are not on a WiFi and are using the cell phone's carrier network, it may not allow such a large file to be download over the carrier network.

2. The download may have timed out if the network is taking too long to download it (slow Internet connection).

Here are a few things you can try:

1. Connect to a secure WiFi at home and try downloading again.

2. Make sure you have enough space on your cell phone for the file.

3. Download to a laptop or computer and then transfer it to your smartphone using the USB data cable that came with your phone.