Step 1 - Log into your account.

You can login at this secure link: 

Your username is your email address.

You should have received a password via email. If you are a current customer, you will not get a new password. You can use the same one you used on your previous order.

If you cannot login, please be sure to reach out to our support team so they can assist. You can open a new support ticket here.

Step 2 - Downloading the PDF.

On a computer: Click on the course menu to expand it.


On a mobile phone: Click on the menu with the three lines.


Once the menu expands, click on Relationship Rewrite Method from the drop-down menu.

On a computer it will look like this:


On a mobile phone it will look like this:

Next, click on the download PDF button.

When you click on the Download PDF option it should open the PDF in your browser window.

You will want to locate the download button and click on it to start the download. 

In the example below the download button is on the upper right side but it might be located in a different area depending on your browser type.

Step 3 - Downloading or Listening to the Audio-book.

To play on just click on the play button.

To download, click on the line with the three dots.

Then click on the download button. 

If you are on a computer it should either save to your downloads folder or ask where you want to save the file. This will depend on how you have your settings set in your browser for download preferences. 

If you are on a mobile phone, your device should start downloading the file to your media or file folder. Again, this will depend on how you have your phone or tablet setup for downloading files.


If you use an Apple phone or tablet, you might have to use the app called Documents 6. You can read more about this here:

This example is for our other eBook called His Secret Obsession but the steps are still the same.

Another useful article is this one about how to fast-forward or rewind the audio on your device: